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Pure Altitude

A range of care products from the mountains

The Pure Altitude cosmetics, inspired by dermo-cosmetics, were created to regenerate the epidermis and to help you achieve a radiant complexion. The development of the products was inspired by three ideas: Purity, strength and perfection. The absolute purity of the ingredients comes first: these must be completely free of any environmental contamination. After that comes the strength of each ingredient, chosen based on its effectiveness. And in conclusion the final perfect result for which we all strive.

Alpine Moments – for the eyes

Ideal for tired and stressed eye areas. The skin is treated with Alpine herb formulas, followed up with a special eye mask.

The manual massage and the beneficial jade stone massage relax and revitalise.

Duration approx. 25 minutes € 39
During a facial treatment € 29

Pure Mountain Air

This cleansing and revitalising facial treatment is well suited to any type of skin. Let yourself enchant by pure scents of the mountains throughout the facial.

After a gentle facial cleansing, the face, neck and décolleté are gently peeled and clarified with an exfoliant made out of oats and barley.

After thorough cleansing, it‘s not just the skin that will recuperate with a calming massage. Purifying edelweiss and arnica ensure a fresh and radiant complexion.

Duration approx. 50 minutes € 70

Alpine Anti-Ageing

Anti-ageing from the Alps. The power of pure spring water from Mont Blanc works together with Alpine extracts to counter the ageing process.

After cleansing and a grain peel, the skin is massaged with the Himalaya Élixier.

The special lifting mask of pink clay, edelweiss and honey transports the active ingredients deeply into the skin. The concluding massage with jade stones refreshes and tones.

Duration approx. 70 minutes € 90

Gentle Mountain World

The invigorating and regenerating facial treatment on an organic base. Cell-protecting blossoms and elixirs encourage the regeneration process and bring your skin back to its natural balance.

After cleansing and the grain-based peel, you enjoy a beneficial and thorough massage with Élixier de Maca. The active ingredients enter the skin with a peel-off mask with blueberries and vitamin C.

The final massage with jade stones tones and adds freshness.

Duration approx. 60 minutes € 80


Just for Men

The powerful and effective Alpine active ingredients such as gentian, edelweiss, arnica and horsetail are perfect for stressed male skin.

After cleansing with the gentle cleansing mousse and the lemon balm-mint tonic, the face will be gently exfoliated and clarified with a cereal peel.

After a facial and head massage, the cooling frost mask revitalises the face. The result is remarkable. Ideal, and not just for the “outdoor man”.

Duration approx. 50 minutes € 70