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Special treatments


the alps

The best of the Alps – effective, creating harmony and awakening new strength. Once, when sea water still covered the Alps, this healing “heritage of the seas” was created. The special combination of ingredients and the high naturally bound sulphur content make it particularly effective and nurturing. Let yourself be surprised by this treasure of nature.

Tyrolean rock oil® has been used for generations in a wide variety of areas. For example, it has a soothing effect on rheumatic complaints, it gives the skin and hair a special suppleness, and has long been used as a household remedy for pain in the locomotor system. Particularly after a long day’s skiing or an unforgettable mountain walk, massages with rock oil are specially effective.



Duration approx. 45 minutes  € 53

For more well-being


The cupping massage is also referred to as the suction massage. Cupping is the term used to designate a natural healing process in which cupping glasses are used for the treatment. This stimulates the performance of the metabolism and circulation, right through to the internal organs, leading to a relaxation of the muscular system. Headaches, painful tension in the back, muscle tension and muscle knots can be noticeably treated and eased.

knee joint arthrosis, muscle tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder-arm syndrome, tennis elbow, lumbago, headache, neuralgia, digestive disorders, menopausal complaints, high blood pressure, depressive moods

Duration approx. 40 minutes € 50

The effect of honey

during a massage

But how exactly does a massage with honey work?
After all, honey is not a medicinal product. In combination with certain massage techniques and a stimulation of reflex zones, however, the numerous properties of honey can lead to relaxation and have a positive effect on health. The honey massage can be applied over the whole body, but is mainly used on the back with this massage.


To ensure that the honey can achieve the desired effect, the part of the body that is receiving treatment is first thoroughly cleaned. Warm liquid honey is then applied over the body. The mere contact of liquid warm honey with the skin can give rise to a wonderfully calming and relaxing effect. Partly through its warmth, but also through the massage techniques used, the pores of the skin can open, the honey can penetrate into the various layers of the skin and achieve its effects there.


Targeted techniques during this massage can stimulate the metabolism and draw out contaminants, salts and toxins from the body. The honey massage is not recommended if you have a tumour or an infectious disease, or if you have an open wound. If you are allergic to honey, it is advisable to refrain from honey massages absolutely. During pregnancy you should obtain medical advice before any honey massage treatment.

Do you like the idea of sensuously sweet wellness?


At the same time, do you want to free your body from toxins, give it some high-quality care and boost your entire organism? In many cultures a honey massage has a long tradition, being used in particular to decontaminate and detoxify the body and to provide total relaxation. Using targeted massage techniques, old contaminants and toxins are “drawn out” of the body with the aid of honey.

Via the reflex zones of the back, the function of the associated organs is stimulated. This has a harmonising effect, boosting the flow of energy. In addition, it has a strengthening and healing effect on the nerves, the skin and the immune system, and is very effective for tension, circulation problems, migraine and many other conditions (a honey massage is not suitable for hairy backs).

Duration approx. 25 minutes € 40

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