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Special Treatments

For increased well-being and health.

SPINAL TREATMENT according to Dorn

Developed with a practical orientation by Dieter Dorn,

successfully approved, this special spinal treatment is among the most effective and profound methods for spinal and joint treatment. Aligning the spine and the joints is achieved by movements under the application of gentle pressure.

In this way “dislocated” joints are brought into the correct position and defective positions of the discs are adjusted. When actual and healthy statics of the spine have been re-established, blockades and pain can be alleviated and functional length discrepancies are harmonised. In addition, the inner organs and the tissue layers are stimulated in a beneficial way by way the main nerve cords running along the spine.

We recommend this application ...
for the treatment of pelvic obliquity, scoliosis, spinal disorders and intervertebral disc problems.
Duration approx. 50 minutes € 65

TYROLEAN SHALE OIL (Tiroler Steinöl®)

a treasure of the Alps

The best of the Alps – effective, creating harmony and awakening new strength. Once, when sea water still covered the Alps, this healing “heritage of the seas” was created. The special combination of ingredients and the high naturally bound sulphur content make it particularly effective and nurturing. Let yourself be surprised by this treasure of nature.

For generations, Tyrolean shale oil (Tiroler Steinöl®) has been used in a wide range of applications. It is for example used to alleviate rheumatic complaints, for hair and skin care and make them particularly smooth, and is used as a traditional home medicine to ease pain in the whole body. After a long day of skiing or an unforgettable hike across the peaks, massages with shale oil are more than effective.

Tyrolean shale oil (Tiroler Steinöl®) massage

Duration approx. 45 minutes  € 53