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Selected moments of pure harmony

To be complete. To be one. Immerse yourself with all your senses. Let yourself be pampered. Absorb the scents, feel the soft sound of music and the unique pampering experience. Treat yourself to something nice. Take your time. For moments of happiness.

Packs in the Softpack

Duration approx. 25 – 50 minutes

Body Wrap with “goat butter”

plus 30-ml jar for home use

Goat butter is a natural product with high quality lipids and vitamins leaving your skin super soft and smooth. Pamper yourself with this wrap for long lasting silky skin.

€ 40

Evening Primrose Wrap

plus 30-ml jar for home use

This wonderful and rich bath promotes skin regeneration from the inside and provides special care by its moisturising and replenishing lipids.
€ 45

Moor bath

Relax with the unique aroma of the powerful moor. Especially worth recommending in the case of skin diseases and rheumatism.
€ 35

Aroma herbal bath

Grown in sun-blessed meadows, these herbs carry the entire healing effect of nature within. Dive into a bath that becomes like a fountain of youth for the body and soul.
€ 30

Chardonnay wine marc bath

Discover wine’s hidden secrets of beauty. It makes your skin glow, looking refined and younger. It opens up the pores in order to take in valuable active ingredients.
€ 44

Cucurbita body pack

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this dream-like combination of peeling, drainage, and oil provides a fresh, clean and moisturized feeling.
€ 44

Seaweed detox wrap

Let go! Balance and neutralise the body's ph with this treatment. Algae starts to detox the body by removing toxins and fluid retentions. It stimulates the bodies circulation and helps to firm and tone the skin. It also helps to smooth the appearance of cellulite.
€ 40

Bathing rituals

Duration approx. 20 minutes

Cleopatra bath

€ 9

Cleopatra bath

with mare‘s milk € 25

Cleopatra bath

with honey and cream € 20

Hay bath

€ 11

Hay bath

with Tyrolean shale oil € 19

The hamam bed / Oil salt scrub

€ 28