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La Stone® Therapie

Intensive heat Deep relaxation

Having already been practiced over 2,000 years ago in the Far East and valued by Indian and Hawaiian shamans, the La Stone® Therapy is unique: Up to 40 pleasantly hot, oval-cut basalt stones are placed on the energy centres of the body followed by pre-cooled marble stones.

The exhilaratingly hot/cold stimulation of this traditional art of treatment relaxes and enlivens the muscular system and creates a new energetic balance throughout the body. In preparation, aromatically rich oils are applied over the body. Which will be massaged in – making the experience of relaxation complete.

Being in close contact with nature, the La Stone® Therapy is a powerful combination of manual body therapy, working with underlying energy and aromatherapy that carries you out into an ocean of well-being.

La Stone® complete treatment

Pure harmony. Balance from head to toe. Enjoy how the bodies energy flow finds a new sense of balance and blockades are softly removed. A feeling like being reborn.
Duration approx. 50 minutes  € 90

La Stone® back massage

Give your body energy centres some loving attention and feel the intensive balancing power of the warm basalt stones and the cool marble stones as well as an aromatic massage afterwards.
Duration approx. 30 minutes  € 55