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Body treatments

Healing and relaxing treatments with a deeply penetrating effect.


for the body

Back to radiating beauty with deep-acting enzyme treatments which bring the skin to a younger level by stimulating the skin cells‘ regeneration. This removal, regeneration and protection system protects the skin from external influences, promotes new elastin and collagen and strengthens the veins.

Skin like velvet and silk – body

Body treatment with cleansing enzyme peeling followed by a moisturising pack.
Duration approx. 50 minutes  € 52

Oil salt scrub

Dead Sea salt
€ 28


Inspired by extraordinary circumstances

Distance. Old traditional healing rituals. With these special pampering treatments, we would like to invite you on an extraordinary journey to the most beautiful vineyards under the sun.

Anti-ageing body treatment

With precious wine marc, grape oil and fruit acid peeling. Close your eyes. Dream of vines reflecting the glow of the sunset. From the mild summer heat and the feeling of happiness. Precious ingredients such as red and white wine marc, valuable grape seed oil and essential oil of champagne are the ingredients of this body pack which is inspiring, being accompanied by a massage, a peeling and final goat butter skin treatment.

Duration approx. 70 minutes € 79


The heavenly scents and textures of our new body treatment will make stress and tension disappear. For this treatment, Pure Altitude has combined edelweiss extract with two mineral extracts – inspired by snow.

Melting Snow
A real skin-care pleasure for dry skin. After a full body peeling with white sugar, you will immerse yourself in a delicately melting cream pack with active ingredients from the mountain world.
Duration approx. 50 minutes.  € 75


Cinnamon is very effective for greasy or combination skin types, because it can reduce enlarged pores. In combination with honey, it helps the skin get rid of bacteria and also reduces pores. The skinb appears less shiny, because excess grease is removed. Small inflammations can be alleviated and at the same time the skin is also toned and groomed. If a little fine-grain sea salt ismixed with the cinnamon and honey, the peeling effect is invariably enhanced and your complexion becomes fine and velvety soft.
Duration approx. 50 – 60 minutes € 45