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Exquisite enticement

Selected moments
of pure harmony

To be complete. To be one. Immerse yourself with all your senses. Let yourself be pampered. Absorb the scents, feel the soft sound of music and the unique pampering experience. Treat yourself to something nice. Take your time. For moments of happiness.

Like almost no other natural product, goat butter with its precious fats and vitamins will pamper you and give your skin a velvety softness with a lasting effect.
+ 30 ml pack to take home
Duration approx. 40 – 50 minutes€ 40
Growing in sun-soaked meadows, these herbs contain within them all of nature’s healing effect. Immerse yourself in a bath that becomes a fountain of youth for body and soul.
Duration approx. 40 – 50 minutes€ 30
Rich in vitamins and minerals, this fabulous combination of scrub, dehydration and relubrication gives your body a feeling of perfect purity.
Duration approx. 40 – 50 minutes€ 44
Just relax and feel the start of a space for new things as your body gets rid of contaminants and toxins with the healing effect of algae. The pack stimulates the circulation, firms the skin and visibly reduces cellulitis.
Algae detoxification wrap€ 40
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